Self Healing Technology
Defend against stone chips
and scratches
Provides stain resistance
10 Year Limited Warranty

Drive Confidently with Paint Protection Film

Our paint protection film makes it easy to keep your car’s finish looking like you just drove off the lot. Paint protection film effectively stands up to flying rocks, bird droppings, salt, sand and more. We offer multiple finishes, innovative 2-in-1 products, and go-to favorites, all of which are self-healing, extensively tested, and factory-backed. Decide what coverage you need, select your product and take any road with confidence.

*Certain restrictions apply; speak to us for warranty details.

**The durability and level of hydrophobic property can be influenced by environmental conditions and other variables beyond Manufacturer’s control (e.g., road treatment chemicals and cleaning substances/frequency).

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Protect Your Investment

If you have a brand new car and wish to combine paint protection film and new car preparation services, please contact us for a bespoke package tailored just for you.

Paint Protection Film Packages

We use the clearest, best performing film in the industry with unparalleled install quality. From front-end protection to fully wrapping a vehicle, we can customize a protection package to your exact needs.



Offering full protection to the entire front end of the car. A great option for anyone wanting substantial protection from stone chips whilst the film remains extremely subtle on the car with full panel coverage. The Full Front Package consists of full coverage to the bonnet, front bumper, head lights, front wings and side mirrors.


From:  £1200.00



Our most popular PPF package, offering full protection to the entire front end of the car as well as particularly vulnerable areas along the sides. Any daily driven or track driven vehicle should have this coverage. The Performance Package consists of full coverage to the bonnet, front bumper, head lights, side skirts, front wings, side mirrors, A-Pillars and leading edge of roof.






Offering complete protection to all the external painted and carbon lacquered areas of the car. Self-healing top coat will prevent swirl marks and light surface scratches to the entire car. Our most extensive PPF package is the ideal solution for customers seeking complete piece of mind. Benefits of complete coverage include protection to doors and rear quarter panels; damage is often caused to paintwork from careless motorists opening doors as well as unintentional light scratches inflicted from passers-by.




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Nearly Invisible Rock Chip Protection

Having Paint Protection Film installed on the front end of your car is the best way to protect your delicate paint from rock chips and other damage. At ATD, we offer customized PPF installation services featuring the best film in the industry. The clear, durable film is applied to the painted surfaces to act as a nearly invisible barrier to protect it from the elements.

The Installation Matters

Just like detailing services, there is a wide variety of skill levels and quality of service when it comes to the installation of Paint Protection Film. We apply the same attention to detail when applying Paint Protection Film as we do with our detailing services, so you know that you’re receiving a very high-quality product and service.

One of the main areas that separate us from other installers is the fact that in all jobs, we customize the patterns to tuck in edges wherever possible. This makes for a much cleaner install where visible edges are minimized.

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