Window Tinting


Automotive Window Film Protects You on the Road

On a sunny day, stepping into your car can feel like stepping into a sauna.

The speed at which cars can heat up is quite alarming. If the outside temperature is a pleasant 24C and your car is in the sun, within 10 minutes it can reach 38C inside. Within 30 minutes it’ll be approaching 50C.

Stop cranking your fuel-burning air conditioning and instead sit back and relax in cool, consistent comfort with LLumar automotive window tint. When professionally installed by ATD Automotive Detailing, window film reduces solar energy transfer to lower temperatures by 65% while offering the eye-catching style every driver desires.

Advantages of Car Window Tinting

  • Enhances UV protection – Even if you think you’re safe behind glass, dangerous ultraviolet rays can stream through, putting you at greater risk for skin damage. LLumar blocks 99% of UV rays to keep you safer.

  • Protects your interiors – Keep your car looking newer, longer. Window film protects your leather, fabric and vinyl against fading, cracking and peeling from the sun.

  • Reduces dangerous glare – Glare from sun and headlights is both aggravating and dangerous. Automotive window tint blocks 87% of glare so you can drive any time of day without eye strain.

  • Enhanced protection – Our car window film is difficult to break through, so thieves can’t break in. Plus, it holds windows in place in the event of an accident to protect you against flying shards of glass.


With LLumar automotive window tint from us, you can look cool and feel cooler every time you hit the road. Visit our studio to see all of your shade options, specially manufactured to complement your factory-installed glass.

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