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Our Dedicated Storage facility offers your luxury vehicle a safe haven to stay. Each vehicle is individually insured by ourselves, whilst also being continuously watched by our CCTV systems.  The facility is also guarded by an intruder alarm with 24hr  police response.  With motion sensors throughout the facility, you can rest assured your vehicle is safe and secure within its new environment.

Keep your car dust free and your battery in top condition, so when you pick up your vehicle from storage its ready to simply drive away. Just how you left it.

Each vehicle is inspected and valeted on arrival.

  • Battery connected to a conditioner

  • Standard breathable UV dust cover provided

  • Fluid levels checked and documented

  • A drip tray is placed under the vehicle to allow us to monitor any fluid loss.

  • vehicles rolled and brought to operating temperatures every 30 days

  • Tyre pressures are regularly checked for pressure loss.

Alarmed Response System

Secure Location

24Hr CCTV Serveillance

Flexible Storage terms Available


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